643 Trust FAQ

Q: Why have I not heard about this program before?

A: Probably because the IRS tax code is over 12 million words long and there are hundreds of strategies that you have not heard from. In addition, did you know that not only do CPA’s not normally create tax strategies for their clients but they also only suggest 7-9 basic deductions to their clients even though the tax code is filled with hundreds of them?

Q: Why would the IRS allow a program like this to exist so that someone can get out of taxes.

A: Great question, but no one is getting out of taxes! What the IRS allows is for individuals to differ paying capital gains tax on the sale of investment classes (that we can do little to additionally lower), and instead move the tax liability to their estate instead where traditionally life insurance death benefit has always been used to settle the bill and pass any remaining cash through he death benefit on to loved ones or heirs. 

Q: Why do not more firms offer this program?

A: This is a specialized product and you do not want someone to be setting it up for you without any experience. It would be like going to a brain surgeon and placing your life in their hands only to find out it was their first surgery. How confident would you be in having them perform the operation.

Q: How simple is it to use?

A: Very! People, especially wealthy people like do not ever like to be told no, like their money liquid, like to invest tax free, do not like prohibited transactions and love things to be simple. If this sounds like you this is the program for you.

Q: What makes your firm so special that I should have you create it for me?

A: Great question! We are so good at what we do that we were allowed to copyright under a tax code the direct ability to pledge and list assets into this program allowing the favorable tax status that no other company can legally duplicate. Many firms ask to license our program, but we are the original creators of the this vehicle and no other firm can do what we do…period!

Q: I see similar things online or people referring to section 643, is it the same as your firm?

A: No, it is not. In fact, trusts use the provision of 643 in building of trusts but the actual program we actually own and have copywritten.

Q: How do I know I will not have an issue if I use this trust down the road with the IRS?

A: Number one, Section 643 is a Tax Code, not a program, and no different than section 401k is section 401 dot K of the Internal Revenue Code. Secondly, the IRS must sign off and allow you to use such a structure to begin with and annual filings are issued to the IRS every year as well as personal and business returns that must also line up and match all numbers on the trust return filing. Never has there been an audit issue on one of these trusts!

Q: Why do more people not do this program?

A: If we had it our way we would but unfortunately there are only so many of us and so many clients we can get to in a given year that it makes it impossible for everyone to have one. Also we should add that for those that do not necessarily invest themselves this program could be overkill and unnecessary for those individuals. 

Q: When do I want to set one up?

A: When do you want to stop paying taxes like you do? It is important the sooner you can the best better the benefits will be for you and your family. 

Q: Do I need to make a certain income to have one?

A: Ask yourself, is it not as important for the person starting out that cannot afford to waste unnecessary tax dollars and to have them compounding for them then the wealthy person that maybe could more afford some kind of a loss to taxation? This program has been made available, accessible and affordable to all and we welcome you to come forward and claim your legacy.

Q: How long does this trust last?

A: 365 years minus one day. After that who knows where the world will be but you can always renew it again and we will teach you to teach your heirs how.

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Q: How is this different than any other revocable trust?

A; Especially important. This trust is the ONLY trust that works on a dual track to be revocable and irrevocable in the same estate. When the client is acting on behalf of the trust as its fiduciary the trust works in a revocable capacity allowing the individual to buy and sell assets and to manage the estate without a conflict. Once the transaction is done the irrevocable side of the trust comes up protecting the assets. All other irrevocable trust outside of this one have a mandatory distribution clause that forces the paying of taxes. This trust does not and as such all the assets compound inside until death where estate tax can be settled through the death benefit found in life insurance.

Q: How does the estate tax get paid?

A: The consumer uses a portion of the profits the IRS allows you NOT to pay capital gains tax on and instead allows you to reallocate these funds into an insurance contract which creates a death benefit, so the insurance carrier pays the estate taxes rather than you or your loved ones. Quite a fantastic deal!

Q: How can my beneficiaries use the money in the Trust without creating a tax liability?

A: It is very important to understand there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. For Example, let us say you have a child going to college and they need a car. You have them go to the dealership, they find a car, they get the price, you send them the money directly to them and they walk in and pay for it. Although this is an expense to you this is a gain to your child and creates a taxable event.

Scenario #2. Same child goes to the same dealership and gets you the same price for the car only this time you wire the money directly to the dealership from the trust where the child then picks up the keys and drives it away. Now this is an expense to the trust and NOT a gain to the child and does NOT create a taxable event for either side!

Q: How do I pay for things such as my bills or expenses?

A: The trust has a checking account, a debit card and can do wires to pay for things you would normally need to pay for or provide for the family. The debit card of the account is used for point of purchase. Checks are used to pay vendors and wires for largest transactions such as escrows are easily available to you.

Q: What if I want to take money out for something that is not a family or business expense but something I personally want that the trust could never say was estate related?

A: If you wanted to say take out $100k and go place it on the black jack table for example this would NOT be an expense to the trust and there is no way to reconcile this as a proper expense so in this case the funds would come to you as a gain and you would pay taxes on any money that was not able to have a legitimate deduction associated with it.

Q: Should my kids get a 543 for their families too?

A: Yes, although some of the wealthiest families in the world own the 643 for estate purposes it is understood that your children will be the matriarchs and patriarchs of their own families. As such your children may have different things they wish to invest in contrary to you. They will have possibly a different business and they may simply want to do things differently in their own lives and should for this and many other reasons, have their own 643 trust for their own immediate family as you have had. 

Q: What kinds of assets can go in my 643 Trust?

A: Assets such as but NOT limited to, your own business, public or privately held stock, cryptocurrency, real estate of all types, 1st trust or 2nd trust deeds, hard money notes, licensing agreements, master limited partnerships of oil and gas, currency to include gold and silver or precious gems or metals of all types, options or stock derivatives, copyrights, trade marks or other intellectual property, classic cars or fire arms, paintings, collectibles and any asset either mentioned or not that would create wither a long term or short term capital gain.

Q: Does the 654 deal with W2, 1099 or passive income.

A: No, but that is not to say that our firm has many wonderful solutions to deal with even very large salaries and personal income that this trust would not help. If you are tired of paying an exorbitant amount on your personal taxes then please contact us so that we may dramatically assist you!

Q: Why do I need the IGIC as a part of this program?

A: Why would you not? You now have a program that is as liquid as a checking account, has no prohibited transactions, has a contractual rate of return associated with it, where the insurance carrier prohibits the ability to lose your principle, you cannot have your money sued from you, you can do anything you want with your cash and when you risk any of it and create a return from the investment, 100% of the profits are yours tax free through this structure. In addition the death benefit settles the estate tax so that your heirs and loved ones do not get burdened down the road having to pay this.

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