How Losses Vastly Affect & Kill your Retirement!

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The #1 Killer of Your Retirement

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Do I need a living Trust- What You Need to Know!

Millions of Americans die each year without any type of estate plan in place, and this forces their families into the court system, where they experience huge expenses with probate and significant time delays when they would rather be mourning. Nobody wants to think about dying, but being prepared for a disaster is important in … Read more

How to Avoid a Nasty April Tax Surprise

Nick Fortune is one of the leading tax strategists in this country, and in this video, he explains what you know need to know about the new Trump Tax Plan. Bottom line, most tax planners do not understand the new tax code changes or have the time to educate themselves in these changes. Nick dishes … Read more

Who is Rich and The Bull? WATCH ME FIRST!

Welcome to the first episode of the Rich & The Bull Show! Please subscribe now so you don’t miss our next episode! We are excited to announce that FortuneDNA is providing an educational video series available to EVERYONE discussing strategies & plans “to help you THINK LIKE THE RICH and sort out THE BULL – … Read more

Spendthrift Trust

A spendthrift trust is a trust where the trust property is protected from its beneficiary’s creditors. Generally, the requirements of such a trust is that the trust is irrevocable, the beneficiary has no control over distributions of property from the trust, and in most states, the beneficiary of the trust cannot be the same person … Read more

How to Create the Perfect Accounting System for YOUR Business!

Your bookkeeping system is the financial heart and lifeblood of your business. When set up and operating properly, your books help you make smart decisions and seamlessly turn your financial data into useful information. Here are four key characteristics to build and maintain a healthy bookkeeping system: 1.       Select the proper accounting method There are two … Read more