Seven Keys to Successful Retirement Plans

Given still-low yields and the ebbing away of pensions, retirement planning today is much more challenging than it was even 20 years ago. Christine Benz discussed the keys to crafting a retirement portfolio that’s well-balanced, tax-efficient, and low-maintenance at this past year’s money show. Listen to her share some model portfolios populated with Morningstar’s high-conviction … Read more

Intestate Facts

Did you know? If a person dies without any effective estate plan, we say the person died “intestate.” Essentially, it is the default estate plan for someone who doesn’t have an estate plan. Each state has its own laws for distribution of an estate of a person who dies intestate. Under laws of intestacy, an … Read more

What Is An Investment Grade Insurance Contract?

An investment-grade insurance contract is an insurance contract that allows you to not only invest your money without having to pay taxes on its growth, but can withdraw it when you need it, also without having to pay taxes on the withdrawal. That means you can put your money away, make interest, earn interest on … Read more

Parents’ Estate Planning

Parents’ estate planning concerns change greatly once their children become adults. To a large extent, parents have survived their children’s challenging adolescent years and begun watching them live their own lives. Parents may want to help their adult children start new businesses or help provide for grandchildren. The focus changes from the nightmare of a … Read more

5 Annual Tax Essentials

The more things change the more they stay the same. This is especially true when it comes to reviewing your tax situation. Mark your calendar to review these essential items each year to ensure you are not missing something that could cause tax trouble when you file your tax return: 1.      Required minimum distributions If … Read more