How to Avoid a Nasty April Tax Surprise

Nick Fortune is one of the leading tax strategists in this country, and in this video, he explains what you know need to know about the new Trump Tax Plan. Bottom line, most tax planners do not understand the new tax code changes or have the time to educate themselves in these changes.

Nick dishes out the advice you need to know when filing this year’s taxes. He makes a few great points: “You’re in charge of your money, your finances, your family – you are the boss, and you should tell your CPA what to do. Your CPA shouldn’t be telling you what to do – and you do that through education.”

Together, Rich & The Bull discuss about a half a dozen other important points:

1- “Do not – no matter what – take a room as a tax deduction if you work from home.”

2- “Also, you need to be able to tell story through documentation.”

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