IGIC vs. 401k, This Ain’t Your Father’s Retirement Account

That’s right, The IGIC is NOT your father’s retirement account. In fact it is the retirement account of the ultra-wealthy and one that you should own and we will tell you how to get one!

But first let us go ahead and compare a traditional retirement account that you get from your employer today Vs the one you should own and have and can do regardless of whom you work for or even if you are a sole proprietor or own your own business.

It is called an IGIC or Investment Grade Insurance Contract that utilizes a small bit of insurance to wrap your existing retirement funds or cash that allows you to have a Roth IRA on steroids without contribution limits or prohibited transactions unlike a qualified account such as a 401k.

The IGIC will allow you to invest in any asset class on the planet without creating a single taxable event while the plan has an amazing built-in mechanism that makes it impossible for you to lose your principle. How amazing is that? In addition, unlike a 401k your money is not locked away in jail, you can use your cash to do what ever you want with it such as to buy or build up your existing business, buy a second home, create marketing campaigns, use it for payroll or any of the hundreds of things not available to those who own a 401k.

In addition, unlike the 1311 major financial institutions that filed for bankruptcy because they were insolvent due to the mortgage back security crisis, not one single mutual insurance carrier has EVER filed bankruptcy in the United States. Now you can see why this vehicle is the select program of the ultra-rich! Also, there is no cost to set one up unlike a qualified plan, and it does not cost to maintain the program and there are no money under management fees being taken out so no risk of diluting your retirement for brokerages that do little to nothing to earn the fees they charge you.

Look below at a side-by-side comparison of the two…


Any qualified plan (401k, IRA, etc.)

Guaranteed Return


No Guarantee

No Contribution Limits


Major Contribution Limits

No Prohibited Transaction


Tons of Prohibitive Transactions

Program Pays RMDs


You Pay RMDs

Earn Rate Plus Investment!


Lucky If You Make a Return

Tax-Free Returns


Taxed-Deferred Returns

Never Have to Pay Tax


Have No Idea of Tax Rate

Death Benefit Pays Taxes


No Solution For Estate Tax

Long Term Care Benefits


No Solution for LTC

No Risk to Earn Return


Volatility of Market

Liquid As a Checking Account


Money is Trapped in Jail

The differences are so obvious to see side by side but what is not listed here that is vital to an investor is the ability to invest in anything in the world whether it be a traditional asset class or nontraditional, alternative, type investment.

The very first time I used mine I fixed up to sell a 1967 SS Camaro that I sold for a profit through the program where 100% of the profits were tax free. You could never do something like this with a 401k and so you have to ask yourself, what are you doing not owning an IGIC?

Find out how you can own the absolute greatest investment making vehicle the world has ever seen!

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