Tax Resource Terms

We know there are a lot of details to get familiar with in the tax & financial world, so we’ve gathered some useful definitions & resources in one place.

IRC Section 643- Section 643a(3)(4) defined

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

What is a Revocable Trust

Non-Grantor Trust Defined,A%20non%20grantor%20trust%20is%20any%20trust%20that%20is%20not,make%20changes%20to%20trust%20beneficiaries

IRS Tax Guide for Small Business

NIAICS IRS Business Codes for Business Descriptions

Understanding Small Business Taxes – FDIC

6 Benefits of Real Estate Investing

IRS Allowable Business Tax Expenses

Your Complete Guide to Real Estate Taxes

Day Trading Taxes

IRS Code for Day Traders

Passive Activity Loss Rules for Real Estate Professionals

Changing an S-Corp to a C-Corp

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