How Can I Make My Money Work for Me?

For years, middle-class Americans have been taught to find a job, work tirelessly, pay taxes, save money in a qualifying plan such as a 401k or IRA, and then utilize those funds to support their retirement while continuing to pay taxes on the money they’re taking. 

And for the government, that’s always been a great bargain. Uncle Sam has effectively set up an annuity paid by hardworking Americans that will ensure that the government’s coffers remain brimming.

However, the extremely wealthy do not follow this strategy…

They recognize that genuine prosperity is achieved when your money works for you rather than for the government. Rather than putting it in an account where you face all the risk and then having the government decide how much you get to retain when you withdraw it, you may use the U.S. Tax Code to reduce your current taxes and then allow your after-tax money to grow without the government looming over your future.

Protect Your Future

Qualified retirement plans are not a prudent use of your hard-earned money, as more and more hard-working Americans are realizing. The tax benefits you get for putting money into qualifying plans don’t even come close to covering the taxes you’ll pay when you withdraw your money in retirement.

Tax Advantages

With new regulations in the Trump Tax Plan, techniques that were previously and solely available to the ultra-rich 1% of the population, are now available to the 99%.

Even the non-wealthy can free up their money in qualifying accounts so they may utilize it now or invest it in an investment vehicle that will fund their retirement with lower tax repercussions. Simultaneously, it will raise the value of their estate at their death while also providing certain living advantages. The assets are still protected from creditors.


Our Unique Program

Makes Use of Current Tax Code Changes

Investment-Grade Insurance Contracts

Company structuring

Proven Asset Protection techniques

So why haven’t the people who work for you informed you about this earlier?

Your CPA, tax attorney, estate planning attorney, and financial planner may all be experts in their fields, but because The Vault Program incorporates elements of tax law, financial investments, estate planning, and business structuring, your advisors will be unable to duplicate it unless they:

Understand what the program is and how it works

Have an expert-level understanding of their own field

Understand how their field interacts with other professional strategizing disciplines, and

Work with other professionals in the field to prepare a program with maximum benefits for their customer

Our team of professionals here at Bellvue Rush, including CPAs, financial advisors, business structure experts, and tax professionals, have developed The Vault Program in order to free invested funds from the taxing grips of the government and place them in your hands so you can control your own future and increase your earning potential. And don’t worry- the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approves it.

5 Advantages of Our Vault Qualified Rollover Plan

Reduced risk

It’s fantastic to have your retirement funds linked to the stock market… That is, until it isn’t. Why not put your money in a place where it will grow at a guaranteed and insured rate?

more control

What you can do with your money is limited with qualifying plans- w here should it be invested, when should it be taken out, and how much should it be taken out. However, with our method, you have a lot more freedom and may spend your money however YOU choose.

increased real estate value

Rather of allowing the market’s whims to determine the quality of your retirement and then leave the rest to your descendants, take charge and invest your money in a way that will provide immediate and long-term benefit.

savings on taxes

You must pay taxes on the whole amount removed from the eligible account, including any growth in the account. Why not halt the rise in taxes by putting your money in a tax-free investment?

living benefits

If you’re diagnosed with a terminal disease, you can collect a portion of your death benefit early so you don’t have to drain your retirement savings to care for yourself.

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